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We carry out routine sofware related checks...

  • Virus and spyware removal.
  • Data backup and data recovery.
  • Re-installation of software and or operating system.
  • Updating essential files in computer, drivers, windows...
  • Installation of wireless access to the router for internet access for all major broadband suppliers on independent basis.

When Needed...

Hard drive problems?

If the hard drive is crashed, it may be possible to recover data and or restore it to its full working state and if not we will still try to recover data without costing the earth and then replace the hard drive and re-install operating system what ever else possible to bring it back to its previous glory !
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Data recovery

Networking ?

We're experts in installing and establishing business networks and offering new office solutions that will increase both productivity and profitability. In addition, we can resolve your computer network service requirements and goals using products that have features and options appropriate to your specific environment. We surpass our competitors by offering a full-line of consultation services including network installation, wireless networks, comprehensive training and maintenance.

If the screen of laptop is shattered after you accidentally stood on it, we would replace the screen. If some sort of liquid has spilled on the laptop, we will try to sort out the mess, just turn off the laptop and dont turn it on again as liquid is a conductor of electricity and the damage could spread to many other components of laptop by keep turning on and off.

Both screen replacement and or sorting out the water damage will cost you in or around no more than €100 - much cheaper than buying another computer, but ofcourse if computer is too old and you need data recovery in order to transfer your stuff in to another computer, we could help you there as well !

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